Cannambary —Agricultural Hemp

Boosting the economy of the community.


For centuries, history has shown that Hemp is a sustainable agriculture and once it is embraced by a community, it immediately launches into developing units of commercial scale production. This results in a higher demand for processors, extraction technicians, manufacturing professionals, regulatory officials and scientists. It has been used in many industries including textiles, rope, paper, nutraceuticals, and various skin care goods—over 25,000 products/applications with more being introduced every day.


CannaVision, Inc. Puerto Rico (CVI PR) and its subsidiary, Cannambary, is working to establish itself as a top-tier grower of Industrial Hemp. Working in collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico and the Department of Agriculture, CannaVision, Inc. will provide access to its properties to conduct extensive research that will be utilized to establish the infrastructure necessary for Hemp commercialization. This research will also include evaluating and determining Hemp genetics and its many varieties, performing trials through direct breeding, which in turn will mitigate risk and accelerate commercialization (fast to market). CannaVision, Inc. has been awarded this opportunity where no other grower in Puerto Rico has been given.


To expand on this endeavor, Hemp cultivation, processing and ongoing research will be conducted through to the end product (deliverable). These results and findings will prove invaluable as it lays the foundation of commercial Hemp growing operations throughout Puerto Rico and beyond. Subsequently, CannaVision, Inc. will continue to provide donations to the University of Puerto Rico, which include seed varieties, machinery , etc. to further Hemp's position in becoming Puerto Rico's largest agricultural export.  


 Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet.

Hemp lays the foundation for the next evolution of construction.