The future of CannaVision is bright.

We are pursuing ancillary business products and services including:  

   Expanding our co-operatives to increase harvest yield of Hemp in many regions under the CannaVision division known as Cannambary.

   Manufacture and distribute Hemp construction and building products under the tradename Hemp Habitat Solutions™.

   Sponsorship of research and development of new plant strains and medical derivatives with regional universities and educational institutions.

Corporate News & Events

Apr 2, 2020, 5:00 PM
CannaVision, Inc. Puerto Rico (“CVI PR” or the ”Company”) announces it has officially signed a 10-year lease agreement with a prominent land owner for 743 acres of some of the best farmland in the Lajas region.…
Mar 23, 2020, 5:00 PM
CannaVision, Inc. Puerto Rico ("CVI PR" or the "Company") is proud to announce that on February 27, 2020 it received its Certificate of Compliance as a Bona Fide Farmer from the Department of Agriculture, Puerto…


While there are over 25,000 documented uses for Hemp and Hemp-derivative products, CannaVision intends to focus on the agricultural demands of the industry through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cannambary, located in Puerto Rico. As a grower and top-tier provider, CannaVision will target industries that are the most lucrative and in the highest demand while also having the flexibility to supply other Hemp-related industries as they emerge.  This includes construction and building materials through its subsidiary, Hemp Habitat Solutions.

Meet Our Team

With decades of combined industry experience, the CannaVision team's history of efforts brings to the table an extensive network of contacts supportive of expanding the present Industrial Hemp cannabis laws, as well as allow the use of the whole plant for all industrial and therapeutic conditions. SInce 2017, our team has worked alongside industry professionals to help advance efforts to cultivate Hemp in Puerto Rico and the U.S., and deliver through U.S. domestic and international channels. 

Management & Board

Experience and a proven track record

The CannaVision Management and Advisory team has a deep and rich history in all areas of business, all of which are committed to leveraging the legal cannabis market, more specifically Industrial Hemp.


David A. Russell

Vice President / CFO

Mr. Russell brings 32 years of entrepreneurial fortitude to the team. He currently serves as President-Elect board member for the National Association of Insurance & Financial Associates (NAIFA) 2018-2019 and served as NAIFA Secretary 2017-2018, and as Treasurer for NAIFA 2016-2017. He has also maintained a Group One Insurance License since 2011.

Mr. Russell holds senior level management and leadership positions focused on corporate strategy, development, and independent agent relationship building. As Principle of iRight Benefit Consultants, LLC, Mr. Russell created a profitable and stable work environment for 22 independent agents from 2011-2017. As President of Critter Cribs, LLC, he developed two product lines, bringing them to market in eight months. Retailers included Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, boutique retail stores and over 50+ affiliate retail websites, including Amazon. Most recently, Mr. Russell founded a 501(C)3 non-profit charity in 2011, the iRight Motion Foundation, which was made active March of 2018.

Lawrence Fitzgerald


Mr. Lawrence Fitzgerald, an alumnus of Penn State University, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Among his many successful endeavors, Mr. Fitzgerald founded a multi-million dollar Semi-Conductor business with offices in California, Texas and Singapore, which generated over $60 million in annual revenue in 2017.

Mr. Fitzgerald serves on the Board of Directors for CannaVision, Inc. His extensive experience allows him to act as a sounding board in order to help propagate ideas or solutions, as well as offering advice on strategy, risk appetite and capital allocation.

Judge Walter Marrero Melendez


Judge Walter Marrero Melendez, a practicing attorney and former criminal court judge in Puerto Rico, has been a cannabis and hemp advocate for over 10 years. Judge Marrero is well connected in the medical cannabis and hemp industries and is working with Dr. Ellenby to grow CannaVision's corporate footprint.

Dave Hegland


Mr. Hegland holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business from Iowa State University. David is part of a multi-generational large scale farm, operating in the Midwest. He has traveled internationally, witnessing different crops in sustainable agriculture. He is also a CannaVision principal investor.

Board of Advisors

Marc Ellenby

Marc Ellenby is a master agronomist whose extraordinary education in agriculture began with a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Illinois. He continued with his botany and horticulture studies at Clemson culminating a Master's degree in Agriculture and Horticulture from the University of Florida. He has vast experience with a wide variety of greenery, which includes 30 years as owner of LNB Grove featuring 190 acres of tropical fruit orchards in Homestead, Florida. Demonstrating permaculture principles, Mr. Ellenby also manages a bamboo agro-forestry project in Belize, which grows 75 acres of bamboo and perennial tropical crops amidst 1,900 acres of tropical rainforest. This project also boasts a wildlife habitat which has allowed him to achieve unsurpassed levels of quality in ecological farming and regenerative agriculture. Marc is the point man for the CannaVision industrial hemp program.

Noel Garcia Cancel


Noel Garcia Cancel is a native of Puerto Rico and a graduate of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico with a Master’s Degree in Finance. He has spent five (5) years in both public and private agricultural development and has served as both Owner and President of farm-related companies in Puerto Rico. 

Currently, Mr. Cancel works alongside Mr. Seda as a consultant for the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) in Puerto Rico where he is responsible for reveiewing and evaluating reports, which are prepared and delivered to the EPA. 

Mr. Cancel also currently serves as COO of CannaVision, Inc. Puerto Rico subsidiary.

Charles D. Markley 

Mr. Markley, a principal investor in CannaVision, is a commercial and residential real estate developer and investor residing in North Redington Beach, Florida. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Dennis is active as a real estate consultant and property manager primarily in the Tampa Bay area. Prior to making Florida his home 20 years ago, his roots stem from Western Pennsylvania where he established his background in engineering and business. Mr. Markley also has traveled internationally for the World Bank as a management consultant.

Dr. Herve Mbanya


A native of Cameroon, Africa, Dr. Herve Mbanya has a diverse background beginning with a Bachelors of Science in Electro Technique where he quickly gained recognition for his engineering skills. Soon thereafter, he realized his passion for health and healing, and moved to Texas in order to attend graduate school to pursue Pharmaceutical studies.

Dr. Mbanya received his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX and currently serves as both Pharmacist and Co-Owner of an independently-owned pharmacy in Austin, TX.

Dr. Mbanya is passionate and believes in the benefits of CBD and holistic medicine—that it transcends the modern ideals of western medicine. As an Advisory Board Member of CVI, he will provide insight and experience from the pharma perspective, but also fulfill and support his endeavor to bring awareness and understanding of Cannabis.

 Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet.

Hemp lays the foundation for the next evolution of construction.