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For All of Us

Our hemp-based building products will shape a brave new sustainable future, providing materials to remote corners of the world, and providing jobs to local communities along the way. CannaVision products and expertise permeate the construction, health & wellness, and textile industries. Our vision is a bright new future for us all.

A Growing Industry

A Growing Profit Potential


Annual Growth Rate by 2025

Billion Dollar Industry by 2025

Our Top Priorities

Our mission is to use the amazing benefits of hemp to advance the areas of construction, carbon negative building materials, health, and wellness in ways that give back to the community and to mother earth. Hemp is a gift and it’s our job to use it.


Our concrete alternative product is carbon negative and replaces a large portion of mining aggregate with growing hemp for fiber.

materials & accessories

Completely Earth-friendly ceiling tile, roof tile, flooring, and interior decorating products are beautiful and durable.


Directly from our farms, CBD isolate and distillate have a wide range of benefits for epilepsy, anxiety, depression, acne, and cancer-related symptoms. Full spectrum CBD can affect cannabinoid receptors, as well as serotonin and opioid receptors.

rebuilding Communities

Our construction team helps rebuild communities in places like Puerto Rico, where natural disasters have destroyed buildings, schools, churches, and homes, uniting the community through proactive collaboration.

building people

Education builds confidence, which spurs entrepreneurship. We empower people with the education and opportunity to learn a new trade, by taking part in rebuilding their own communities, leaving them optimistic about a better future for themselves and their families.

About Our Company

CannaVision has a bright future

CannaVision, Inc. began in 2016 to capitalize on the future of the hemp market and to become a farm-to-wholesale provider of hemp products, including fiber, hurd, grain, and CBD oil. Today, the company has farms and is fully licensed to grow, in Puerto Rico and Texas, and has an increasingly impressive foothold in the industrial hemp industry. Puerto Rico has become both a base of operations and a humanitarian mission to provide jobs, opportunities, infrastructure reconstruction, and education to those in need and those wanting to learn. Our Texas farm provides easy access to growth data, a hub of education for local farmers, and the new site for our industrial fiber processing operation. With our incredible RevoCrete product and other building products yet to come, we intend to provide a viable and superior alternative to traditional products. Our company is poised to seize the opportunity to better the society around us while becoming successful in the hemp and CBD industry.

We Have the Power to Change Lives, to Turn Tragedy Into Opportunity…

and We’re Doing It

Natural disasters like the recent 6.4 earthquake, and previous hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico devastate homes, crush schools like this one, and render whole cities stunned and jobless in a matter of hours. CannaVision is gaining necessary contacts and licensing, and is poised to employ local people to aid in the rebuilding efforts. We would love to repair the destruction with our hemp-based RevoCrete product. RevoCrete is lighter, stronger, and more durable than traditional concrete. Plus, it’s a green sustainable product made with just our hemp fiber, lime, and water. The dry mix is light enough to airlift to remote areas, where concrete trucks cannot travel. Plus the predominant ingredient is grown instead of mined so we’re creating instead of mining, with a little help from nature.

Project Puerto Rico

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Hemptember Market

9/10/22-9/11/22 4pm-10pm at the Railway Heights Market, 8200 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007    More Details



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10/7/22-10/8/22  9am-6pm at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX   More Details



Texas Hemp Summit

11/11/22-11/12/22 7am-4pm at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX   More Details

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  • Hemp Industries Association
  • University of Puerto Rico
    Mayagüez Campus
  • Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture
  • Agricultural Hemp Solutions
  • FormationAg
  • Hemp Harvest Works
  • Institute of Cannabis Research
  • Hemp Home Styles
  • US Hemp Growers Association
  • KY Dept. of Agriculture
  • University of Denver
  • Oregon State University
  • Cornell University
  • NIFA
  • TN State University

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