About Us

CannaVision, Inc. began in 2016 to capitalize on the future of the hemp market and to become a farm-to-wholesale provider of hemp products, including fiber, hurd, grain, and CBD oil. Today, the company has farms and is fully licensed to grow, in Puerto Rico and Texas, and has an increasingly impressive foothold in the industrial hemp industry. Puerto Rico has become both a base of operations and a humanitarian mission to provide jobs, opportunities, infrastructure reconstruction, and education to those in need and those wanting to learn. Our Texas farm provides easy access to growth data, a hub of education for local farmers, and the new site for our industrial fiber processing operation. With our incredible RevoCrete product and other building products yet to come, we intend to provide a viable and superior alternative to traditional products. Our company is poised to seize the opportunity to better the society around us while becoming successful in the hemp and CBD industry.


To create the most beneficial hemp farming and industrial fiber production company of its kind by growing a sustainable future with hemp-based building and health products, while providing opportunities for those in need.


To change the world for the better with sustainable, environmentally-friendly products that benefit society and preserve Mother Earth.