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According to the research provided by CBDInsteadNews.com concrete is the most used material in the world making durable homes and buildings. However, concrete produces CO2, matching one-to-one. Therefore, for every ton of concrete produced, it also produces a ton of CO2.

Wood is also a commonly-used material for family homes, taking up 81% of the distribution. Wood carries less of a burden towards our environment and is an extremely durable option for home building. However, it takes nearly 80 years for a tree to reach a size large enough to make a considerable profit.

One acre of hemp is equivalent to four acres of trees. Hemp also absorbs more CO2 than it emits, helping to clean the air filled with greenhouse gases. Particleboard made of hemp is more durable than wood and is lighter.

Our DuraCrete / RevoCrete product is better for the environment by helping to reduce CO2. It’s durable, sustainable, mold resistant, an excellent insulator, water proof, and helps with humidity control. Though hemp isn’t impenetrable by fire like concrete, hemp concrete can resist fire for up to two hours, giving some time for help to arrive. The Hemp-Lime product has been given a 1-hour fire rating by UK standards (up to 1700° F in 60 minutes).

DuraCrete / RevoCrete leaves a negative carbon footprint. 

An article by CNN reported that a group of investors, which manages $2 trillion, pressured cement makers to accelerate efforts to reduce their emissions. “The coalition is made up of members of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change and Climate Action 100+, a leading campaign group with 320 supporters. Cement production uses huge amounts of heat and energy and is responsible for 7% of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If the cement industry were a country, it would trail only the United States and China in emissions of the greenhouse gas. It is ultimately a business-critical issue for the sector.

Hemp’s ability to grow to its full height and harvest in only 120 days makes it the perfect building material during times of catastrophe, or where building materials are scarce. For a community to fully recover, it can take months, if not years. The Hemp Habitat Solutions initiative is to promote the use of RevoCrete and educate the public, particularly in areas of the world most at risk of natural disasters.

Imagine a Lighter & Better Insulating Concrete Made From Hemp!

Our DuraCrete / RevoCrete product uses just three ingredients: Lime, Hemp, and water. It’s lighter than concrete and can be delivered to the most remote regions of the world, and mixed on-site, without worrying about moisture spoilage during transport or storage. Once installed, DuraCrete / RevoCrete is also insulating and permeable so moisture won’t get trapped. It’s light enough to be used inside walls and in roofing applications, instead of fiberglass or wool that can mildew.

CannaVision controls the only lime quarry in Puerto Rico, an essential component to the DuraCrete / RevoCrete recipe and makes it convenient for projects on the island. Controlling the lime mine allows us to price our product more competitively than others on the market.

Use DuraCrete / RevoCrete for your next project. Inquire for quantity calculation, shipping time, pricing, and more.

Hemp Habitat brings you our very first DuraCrete product ready for purchase. Order our new DuraCrete Craft Pack and try your hand at making the world’s most viable concrete alternative! You can make wall blocks, orbs, and a variety of other craft projects with our hemp/lime mixture. Just add water and let your imagination guide your creativity.



Hemp Habitat brings you quality building products like DuraCrete / RevoCrete, Hemp Wood, and other hemp products made for the construction industry. Ask us about all the uses of our Hemp Habitat products.


RevoCrete is light enough to use on roofs, giving unmatched strength, durability, pest-resistance, and insulation value without using fiberglass or other dangerous materials. It repels mold, water, and fire. The product can be mixed and installed, or blocks can be used. It prevents overheating in the summer and holds heat in the winter. RevoCrete is one of the only insulation materials in the world that can be used indoors or outside, and will accept pigments, paint, or stain, providing beauty and performance for the whole structure.



Hemp flooring is stronger than typical laminates and has a unique style all its own. It can be sanded, painted, and stained just like traditional hardwood. It is non-toxic and contains no VOCs. Hemp flooring and all hemp wood products resist warping, splitting, and cupping which makes it ideal for all wood projects with a truly unique look. Plus all hemp products are made from natural products and are 100% biodegradable. So, when it’s time to dispose of the waste or old material, just throw it in your compost bin!




Interior Decor

Interior designers love us! Our hemp home products are a big hit in high-end hotels and homes alike. The unique look of hemp is stunning when stained or left natural, giving an Aspen look to a minimalist design, or warmth to any space. We have:

  • Drawer Pulls
  • Drawer Knobs (square and round)
  • Switch Plate Covers
  • Wall Plug Covers
  • Rocker Switch Covers
  • Serving Spoons
  • Paper Towel Holders
  • Magnetic Knife Holders
  • Cutting Boards
  • Lazy Suzan (sorry Susan!)
  • Mirror with Hemp wood Frame

And, like all of our products, they can be painted, stained, and sanded to your heart’s content.


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