Growing Industrial Hemp


The Growth Process


Great hemp starts with great seeds planted in soil with a pH between 6 and 7.5, above 50°F, and with at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day.


Along with the right seeds, pH, temp, and sunlight hemp seeds need watering weekly or more to keep the topsoil moist.


Sprouts can take a week or more, when seeds wake from dormancy, produce a taproot and begin forming leaves. Then a seedling develops with bigger leaves.

Vegatative Growth

Hemp grows strong at this stage, developing its mass and height. This lasts a few months before flowering.


The flowering stage is when hemp displays its gender. Male plants are culled to prevent pollination of female plants and the crop nears harvest.


Crop Failure in the U.S. Due to Improper Farming or Poor Education. We Do It Right!

Ready to harvest in four months

Hemp Outperforms Trees

Hemp can produce four times as much paper as trees in 1/20 the time. Trees take 10 to 20 years to harvest, while hemp produces two harvests per year. That means that in 20 years, hemp can produce 160X more paper than trees!

Harvest Time


Industrial Hemp Processing

A Modern…Old Process 

Decortification, invented in 1917, removes the tough woody part, from the soft cellulose fiber. The hurd is used for animal bedding, our Duracrete product, and other building materials while the fiber is used in textiles, and paper.

Fiber – Hurd – Oil

The Amazing Hemp Trifecta

Farmer Education

We offer consultation with farmers about growing different types of hemp for unique purposes. Tall woody hemp is used for fiber and hurd, and has very little canopy to produce oil. Shorter, bushier, plants are ideal for oil a food production. Each type needs special seeds, and has a specific set of rules and standards to produce a healthy crop.
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Growing hemp can be tricky. Our master agronomist has studied the process extensively and we regularly help other farmers. After all, we are part of a glorious future together. Contact us today if you need help or advice.

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