There has never been a better time to introduce Puerto Rico to Hemp


The people of Puerto Rico have exhibited an enormous amount of optimism when speaking of Hemp as they become more aware of the possibilities Hemp has to offer. For example, Hemp acts as a viable and resilient plant whereas it has the ability to allow economies to quickly recover in times of catastrophe—more specifically, due to Hemp's short growth cycle (120 days from seedling to harvest) means down time is kept to a minimum, thus also ensuring jobs are secure.

CannaVision, Inc. and its subsidiary, Cannambary, its agricultural division, both rooted in Puerto Rico, will donate and assist local universities with independent Hemp studies, as well as help supplement the necessary farming equipment for Hemp cultivation. This cooperative will ensure a broader analysis of the plant, thus capturing all of the environmental condition that Hemp will have to endure. In addition, CannaVision will allow universities to access CannaVision's other Hemp properties and facilities in regions of Puerto Rico in the continuing effort to advance research. The objective is to constantly maintain the highest industry standards.   



Agricultural Hemp


Hemp Building Products

Properties & Locations

Our Hemp cultivation, manufacturing, post cultivation processing and a distribution center will be located in Puerto Rico. We believe the Puerto Rico region is the preeminent area to cultivate high quality, outdoor Industrial Hemp cannabis in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican tropical territory is located in the Caribbean.

The region has a unique multi- climate, Köppen climate classification defined as a non-arid climate in which all twelve months have mean temperatures of warmer than 18 °C (64 °F), which is perfectly suited for the cultivation of high-end Hemp cannabis.

The Puerto Rican territory is a territory/island of land where major papaya farms are located. Puerto Rico is located just to the right of the Dominica Republic and to the left of the Lesser Antilles.

Why Puerto Rico?

Not many places in the world can offer a Return on Investment the way the beautiful island of Puerto Rico does. In fact, most of the fast-expanding array of services and rising industries generally attribute their success to the incentives made available by the Puerto Rican government. All US federal laws apply to Puerto Rico. They share a common currency, the US dollar, a common military defense and citizenship with the US. In traveling to and from the US mainland, no passports are needed. But because it is not a state but a commonwealth of the US, Puerto Rico enjoys fiscal independence and autonomy. This means attractive Puerto Rico tax incentives not available in the US mainland.

These elements critical to investors and businessmen are formidable. Over and above these, investments are safeguarded by the prevailing rule of law, the absence of any risks on the currency and Puerto Rico’s political stability.

Management Team

Steven Previch


Steven Previch is a highly accomplished senior executive with 20 years’ experience in the financial securities industry. Equipped with broad-based experience in directing operations for international corporations' multi-million-dollar enterprises. He is well versed in all aspects of strategic planning, coupled with an outstanding ability to maximize the performance of operations with an emphasis on strategy formulation and profitability improvement. An empowering manager, he is known for utilizing interactive, motivational, and decisive management style in developing highly motivated service teams to support business objectives.

David A. Russell


Mr. Russell brings 32 years of entrepreneurial fortitude to the team. He currently serves as President-Elect board member for the National Association of Insurance & Financial Associates (NAIFA) 2018-2019 and served as NAIFA Secretary 2017-2018, and as Treasurer for NAIFA 2016-2017. He has also maintained a Group One Insurance License since 2011.

Mr. Russell holds senior level management and leadership positions focused on corporate strategy, development, and independent agent relationship building. As Principle of iRight Benefit Consultants, LLC, Mr. Russell created a profitable and stable work environment for 22 independent agents from 2011-2017. As President of Critter Cribs, LLC, he developed two product lines, bringing them to market in eight months. Retailers included Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, boutique retail stores and over 50+ affiliate retail websites, including Amazon. Most recently, Mr. Russell founded a 501(C)3 non-profit charity in 2011, the iRight Motion Foundation, which was made active March of 2018.

Noel Garcia Cancel


Noel Garcia Cancel is a native of Puerto Rico and a graduate of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico with a Master’s Degree in Finance. He has spent five (5) years in both public and private agricultural development and has served as both Owner and President of farm-related companies in Puerto Rico. 

With his years of administrative and financial experience in business management, as well as a vast understanding of the laws and legislation of agriculture and farming in both Puerto Rico and in the USA, Mr. Garcia's role as COO will be to formulate strategies and develop plans for the greatest good of the Organization and its shareholders.

Mr. Cancel also serves on the Advisory Board for CannaVision, Inc. United States.

 Hemp is among the oldest industries on the planet.

Hemp lays the foundation for the next evolution of construction.