CannaVision P.R. Corp. Receives Hemp Seed Pilot Research License From the Dept. of Agriculture, Puerto Rico                                   

Dorado, Puerto Rico, Feb 25, 2020 – CannaVision, Inc. Puerto Rico (“CVI PR” or the “Company”) is proud to announce the receipt of their Pilot License for the research and cultivation of Hemp Seed from the Department of Agriculture, Puerto Rico. The Agricultural Pilot Program is the initial initiative to study the growth, cultivation or marketing activities of Industrial Hemp within Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico provides these licenses to help companies research, explore and execute their plan based on its tropical conditions to maximize the success of this new agricultural industry of growing Hemp. The company spokesperson added, “This initiative gives us a great opportunity, before the plan is approved by the federal government, to start controlled harvests on a smaller scale that will help us to identify the best varieties, soil types, pest and disease control, as well as crop management during different times of the year.”

CannaVision’s Pilot Investigation Cultivation Team is working with the University of Puerto Rico in order to select the most specific seeds. Noel Garcia, COO of CVI PR, who has lived and worked in Puerto Rico for all of his life states “Our economy is in a state of disrepair, partly due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria—and when economies fail, people move away to find jobs so they can send money home to their families. Our goal is to create a viable product that will provide jobs in Puerto Rico, thus helping to rebuild the economy.” He further explains, “The Hemp grown from these special genetic type seeds will be used for meeting the ever growing demand for the highest quality CBD.”

With receipt of The License, CVI PR has already started preparing its existing land to immediately begin the growing program and harvest its first crop as soon as possible. This will be the pioneer project (aka Investigation) for the Company’s Hemp Seed Cultivation Initiative. The Company is in negotiations with other land owners in Puerto Rico to scale up its farming efforts in the coming months. CannaVision PR 2020 Hemp Pilot Research License